Willamette Chapter

2015 Chapter Excellence Awards

Willamette Chapter Awards

Congratulations, Willamette Chapter, on winning the awards for Education and Leadership! And thank your for your continuing support of the movement. The awards are a way to recognize chapters for their contributions to the success of the credit union movement in the Northwest. Chapter Excellence Awards are presented in five categories—one award for each of the four pillars, leadership, education, advocacy, and philosophy in action, and one award for overall best practices, the LEAP award.

 Chapter Board

Board Member Position Credit Union  Email
Lana Brumback President Oregon Community CU lbrumback@myoccu.org
John Lindsey   SELCO Community CU jlindsey@selco.org
Hannah Shaw   Northwest Community CU hshaw@nwcu.com
Robin Zygaitis   Oregon Community CU rzygaitis@oregoncommunitycu.org
Jennifer McGreaham   Northwest Community CU jmcgreaham@nwcu.com
Rhiannon Sutton   SELCO Community CU rsutton@selco.org
Symantha Sermino   Northwest Community CU ssermino@nwcu.com
Andrew Wier   Oregon Community CU  awier@myoccu.org
Faith Wymore   Oregon Community CU  fwymore@myoccu.org

Credit Union Offices Within Chapter

Laneco FCU - Eugene
McKenzie Valley FCU - Springfield
Northwest Community CU - Springfield
Oregon Community CU - Eugene
Register-Guard FCU - Springfield
SELCO Community CU - Eugene

NWCUA Staff Liaison

Rodger OConnor
Rodger O'Connor
Director of Marketing
Direct: 503.350.2216
Toll Free: 800.995.9064 x216


Willamette Chapter Events

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